Bridge of Connection

The Santa Trìnita bridge as a metaphor for the meeting and the passage from one shore to the other. It also constitutes a bridge for the relationship between human beings even when the bridge has been destroyed by wars or natural disasters.

«I chose this bridge, less iconic and famous than the nearby Ponte Vecchio, because its history well represents human vicissitudes, especially contemporary ones.
Made of wood in the mid-thirteenth century already in 1259 it collapsed due to the weight of the crowd.
The comparison with the dangers that occur due to the gatherings seems more than obvious.
But at the same time, its reconstruction provides hope in the restoration of beauty and harmonious relationships".

The bridge has been destroyed and rebuilt several times over the years until Ammannati creates the elegant stone version with three arches visually known to us in a futuristic way. Unfortunately, the current bridge is a post-war reconstruction. In fact, the original was destroyed by German troops in August 1944. It was rebuilt and inaugurated in 1958 "as it was and where it was". The whole world today is trying to rebuild a society as it was before the pandemic explosion. Elation, pride of the original bridge were and still are the four statues representing the four seasons of Francavilla, Landini and Caccini. These four statues are still the original ones today and their adventure is more interesting than ever. The day after the explosion, the statues will be found by the renaioli on the bottom of the Arno, almost intact except for the headless Spring.

Thanks to the substantial reward offered by a generous antiquarian, the head will reappear and be put back in place. And if the four seasons are the metaphor of the inexorable flow of time in nature and history, the scarred beauty is recomposed is the object of my research for solarized images.

“Characterised by the use of colour filters and by the warmth of the voice, my videos are a contemporary reading of the past events. With my works I would like to give a signal of the saving message of beauty to humanity.”

Experience the crossing of the bridge listening to the digital interpretation of Vaga Luna from Bellini.
Voice: Maria Katharina Rauchenberger
Sound Designer: Roberto Prezioso

PlaceFlorence, Santa Trìnita BridgeTechniqueDigital Video colour filteredYear2022

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