Explosion of Roses

The “Giardino delle Rose” was built in 1865 by the architect Giuseppe Poggi on behalf of the Municipality of Florence. It covers about one hectare of terraced land from which you can enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the city, enclosed between the current Viale Poggi, Via di San Salvatore, and Via dei Bastioni.

In 1895 the garden was opened to the public during the Festival of Arts and Flowers that the Society of Fine Arts and the Italian Society of Horticulture began to hold every May. Built according to the French model, it has a bucolic but at the same time rationalized natural environment.
In the late 90’s, the garden was enriched with a space donated by the Japanese architect Yasuo Kitayama, a Japanese Shorai oasis.

“In this colour filtered photography I used blue, green, red and pink contrasts to exalt the ‘explosion’ of these marvellous roses which seem to envelope our gaze. In my works nature transforms before our eyes creating an unusual vision of the world”.

PlaceFlorence, The Rose GardenTechniqueDigital Photography colour filteredYear2019