Two main corpus can be identified in Rauchenberger's work: 'Artificialia' and 'Naturalia‘, which include different series of works. Both in 'Artificialia' and in 'Naturalia', as well as in all of Rauchenberger's works, there is a profound link between art and music: in the photographs the movements and gestures of the sculptural bodies, as well as the metamorphoses of the natural world follow a visual rhythm that takes shape through the lines, shapes and colors of the composition; in videos and installations, the images are often accompanied by recorded sounds or by unpublished reinterpretations of classical music pieces sung by the artist.


Rauchenberger conceived three unique collections for the Snarkart platform: 'Metal Molden Collection', 'Purple Collection' and 'Yellow Collection'.
Characterized by different techniques – digital video and photography - and by the use of different coloured filters, each collection is a contemporary interpretation of the artworks of the past and of the mythological stories of the protagonists represented.

“I started with my artworks with a sense of curiosity and innocence. I started alone, without bonds and without preconceptions. I like the idea of a world that we can see and remodel the way we best believe only through careful observation. Each one for himself or herself. My artworks were born that way, they are full of contrasts, colourful, timeless, ageless and limitless”

– Maria Katharina Rauchenberger


Maria Katharina Rauchenberger is a multifaceted Mitteleuropean artist who began her artistic career by measuring herself with photography, design, fashion, chant and piano. After an initial approach to analogic photography, she felt the need to create a new language, capable of reflecting her poetic and aesthetic vision of the surrounding reality, to create inclusive works of art, until she became increasingly interested in the new digital frontier: the crypto art market with NFTs.