Two main corpus can be identified in Rauchenberger’s work: ‘Artificialia‘ and ‘Naturalia‘, which include different series of works.

Both in ‘Artificialia‘ and in ‘Naturalia‘, as well as in all of Rauchenberger’s works, there is a profound link between art and music: in the photographs the movements and gestures of the sculptural bodies, as well as the metamorphoses of the natural world follow a visual rhythm that takes shape through the lines, shapes and colors of the composition; in videos and installations, the images are often accompanied by recorded sounds or by unpublished reinterpretations of classical music pieces sung by the artist.


Colourful sculptures

“Florence and numerous other cities offer us marvelous sculptures, visible to everyone. Sometimes, however, we pass by such fabulous…

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Intimate moments

“The moment you come into contact with this series of statues you seem to penetrate a world of their own, their intimacy that perhaps they…

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Pars pro Toto

Sometimes exalting only a part of the body means accentuating the emotion that we experience when we see this part of the body which is…

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Finest flowers

Flowers have an innate elegance. The intensity of their colours sometimes even exceeds our imagination. With my artworks I try to further…

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