Maria Katharina Rauchenberger is a multifaceted Mitteleuropean artist who began her artistic career by measuring herself with photography, design, fashion, chant and piano.

After an initial approach to analogic photography, she felt the need to create a new language, capable of reflecting her poetic and aesthetic vision of the surrounding reality, to create inclusive works of art, until she became increasingly interested in the new digital frontier: the crypto art market with NFTs.

Exploring the expressive possibilities of digital tools and contemporary media, the artist creates digital photographs and videos, audiovisual performances, multimedia installations and artistic projects that can be used both in person and directly from smartphones, computers and other electronic devices.

Rauchenberger works with digital alteration of image and sound. In particular, she uses solarization – a technique that consists in the inversion or tonal change of an image – and the superimposition of coloured filters to create compositions rich in intense and unusual colour contrasts. Her works highlight hidden details from unexpected points of view and are often accompanied by recorded sounds or by unedited reinterpretations of classical pieces sung by the artist.

Rauchenberger’s intervention does not intend to alter the vision of reality, but to highlight the beauty of what surrounds us by representing reality from an unprecedented perspective capable of involving the viewer within a suggestive landscape. Thus her works go from being an object of contemplation to an experience in which you can get lost.

Focused on the perception of the surrounding reality and on a continuous search for what arouses amazement and enchantment, Rauchenberger’s poetics exalts the wonder of the world.

The protagonists of her works are ancient sculptures and the natural world. The artist reinterprets the masterpieces of the past in a contemporary key and transforms natural landscapes into surreal and magnetic scenarios.
Her vision is centered on the theme of sensuality, the evidence, the cry, the movement of bodies and nature. Her work expresses society, history, religion, economics, geopolitical systems and sexuality. Her vision is new and has the intention of showing us what we sometimes do not see, insisting on the beauty of detail.

“I started with my artworks with a sense of curiosity and innocence. I started alone, without bonds and without preconceptions. I like the idea of a world that we can see and remodel the way we best believe only through careful observation. Each one for himself or herself. My artworks were born that way, they are full of contrasts, colourful, timeless, ageless and limitless” – Maria Katharina Rauchenberger