Adam’s Grisp on Eve

When you walk in the Boboli Gardens you discover enchanting grottos and many other marvellous architectural surprises, such as this niche located at the main entrance of the garden. Known as "Grotto of Adam and Eve", it owes its name to the sculptural group of the same name that Michelangelo Naccherino made in 1616.
Rauchenberger’s artwork is a contemporary reinterpretation of the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. The use of a close point of view and of the blue and fluorescent green contrasts bring the viewer’s attention to the protagonists' facial expressions and gestures that seem to emerge from the background of grotesque decorations and shells.
Through the digital photography and colour filters the artist exalts the emotions and the intimate moments of the scene represented.

PlaceFlorence, Giardino di BoboliTechniqueDigital Photography colour filteredYear2018