Intimate moments

“The moment you come into contact with this series of statues you seem to penetrate a world of their own, their intimacy that perhaps they themselves were not ready to reveal. Yet it is there, in the light of the sun, visible to all, indeed, offered to all who want to see it. This intimacy is given to the viewer who at first glance can be troubled and perhaps sometimes lower his eyes. Then he becomes familiar with the generosity of the statue and admires the details, appreciates the expressions of the face, of the body. He then tries to get in touch and in tune with the emotions exposed and to grasp every detail, even the look. However, the latter is immobile, sometimes empty and this leaves him perplexed. Then the viewer tries to capture the beauty of what he sees, the softness of the movements, observes the breasts, the arms, the mouth of what is instead stone and is in fact entranced by the beauty and emotions transmitted.”

PlaceFlorence, Madrid, Athens TechniqueDigital PhotographyYear2018 & 2019