Online exhibition ‘Landscapes and Seascapes’ March 3rd to 31st 2022.

‘Sea of Lava’ is a digital video by Maria Katharina Rauchenberger, a multifaceted artist of Mitteleuropean origins who experiments different artistic languages. Through the use of solarization and a peculiar use of perspective – such as the close point of view – the artist enhances the beauty and magnificence of the natural world, in particular of the sea, the protagonist of this work.

By creating intense color contrasts and inverting colors, Maria Katharina Rauchenberger offers a completely new and almost surreal vision of the seascape: the sea turns into incandescent lava that moves sinuously in front of our eyes in a suspended atmosphere of apparent calm.

In ‘Sea of Lava’ the boundaries between the elements – between water and fire- are lost and matter is transformed. So we find ourselves in front of a wonderful landscape where the conception of space and time is lost.

The fluidity of the vision dissolves all limits and amplifies the perception of what surrounds us. In D’Annunzio’s terms, Rauchenberger’s works are profuse with a panic feeling of the outside world that allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the vital rhythm of the beauty of humanity.

Las Laguna Gallery

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